Building Codes- Not Just an Element of Paperwork

In Florida Property Insurance, Hurricanes, South Florida on January 4, 2013 at 1:32

Building codes are not just an element of paperwork.  They make a difference in the safety of property – and ultimately in the cost of property insurance.  Floridians have long been aware of maintaining building codes – developers and builders have it as part of their mantra. The wide scale devastation wrought by Hurricane Andrew more than two decades ago yielded improved building codes in South Florida.

After Hurricane Sandy, the northeast is getting more familiar with the concept – and understanding its impact on insurance. Coverage can be strictly flood, or strictly wind, and of course, most wisely both.  And buildings that are kept up to code will be less likely to suffer traumatic damage – and easier to insure.

Older homes and buildings may be a concern, but they can still meet standards.  Insurers are willing to take some risks with coastal property – with the right policy and premium.  Insurance is there for those who need it.


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