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Cosmetic Damage Exclusions – What They Really Mean in the World of Lawsuits

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Claims Journal’s April 15 edition included a major story titled Cosmetic Damage Exclusions and First Party Lawsuits authored by Jason. The article focuses on the concerns that may develop as more carriers adopt the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) and ISO endorsements.   Using sinkholes and the litigation that surrounds that issue, Jason opines on the similarities and the precedent.

Yes, there will be more first party lawsuits. It appears to be a near guarantee, if such a thing is possible.

Read all about it.


The Multi-State Compact

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The idea of joining together states that all face risk of hurricane impact has some momentum, and there is a push from State Democrats to strongly consider the option.

Governor Scott has been urged to work with governors of other Southeastern Atlantic and Gulf states to pursue ways of addressing the issues of hurricanes, damage and rising insurance rates.

The Tampa Bay Times reported on the various factions that have a stake in the hurricane – insurance arena.

We all know there are no easy answers – so legislators are looking at answers that may be harder to enact.