Take that, Catastrophic Earthquake!

In Hurricanes, Insurance, Interesting News, Science on October 18, 2013 at 1:32

Property damage from natural disasters is sadly not unusual. Hurricanes, tornadoes, flood waters, fires, mudslides and earthquakes can all wreak havoc on homes. But enter the world of science! Maybe the inevitable damage is actually avoidable.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University spent many months to see if they could build a better mousetrap – or in this case, a better home. Two homes, one of a bare steel skeleton and another with exterior sheathing and nonstructural elements were subjected to more than 130 shake tests. The results were excellent!

Then, the team began its most powerful test: simulating a 1994 earthquake that rocked Los Angeles, killing 60 people and causing $13 billion in damage.

How will this research effect property in the future? Insurance companies will take note.  Safer buildings could be the wave of the future – or they could be all about the science and not the residence.

Check it out here and watch the video above.


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