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Self-Policing and Education Can Curb Abuse from Unlicensed Public Adjusters

In Public Adjusters on March 28, 2014 at 1:32

Attorney Jason Wolf’s was featured in a recent issue of Claim Journal, which has come to rely on his insight for many stories.  His current article Erasing the Abuse of Unlicensed Public Adjusters states that “Incidents of fraud and both frivolous and legitimate lawsuits stemming from non-public adjuster abuse drive up insurance premiums…Addressing the presence and practice of unlicensed or non-public adjusters is critical to protecting homeowners and property owners from abusive practices or even fraud.”

The article was very well received and featured on the Insurance Journal website as well.

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“Earth Movements” Not Covered in Typical Homeowners Insurance Policy

In homeowner's insurance, Insurance, Insurance News, Policies on March 14, 2014 at 1:32


Does your homeowners insurance protect you in the case of a rockslide? How about if a sinkhole forms under your garage? Or if that recent flash flood caused a mudslide that swept your house away? You may want to check your homeowner’s insurance coverage because chances are your policy does not cover you against these types of home damage.

The typical policy in the United States does not cover damages that are caused by “earth movements,” and it is cause of many insurance claims being denied every year. Through increased awareness, the insurance industry is hoping to minimize these occurrences and that homeowners will educate themselves on their coverage.

Read more about this and what to be aware of as the season begins to change.

Buying Homeowners Insurance is Confusing, 4 Tips for First-Time Buyers

In homeowner's insurance, Homeowners' Policy, Insurance Industry on March 7, 2014 at 1:32

When it comes to searching for the right homeowner’s insurance policy, the experience can be overwhelming but the wrong coverage can end up causing more harm than good when you need it the most. Here are four tips for first-time buyers to guide them to getting the best coverage for their needs:

1. Compare coverage from at least three companies. It’s a buyer’s market out there for those looking to buy insurance and insurance companies are fighting for your business. Shop around and compare coverage, price and customer reviews for the best value for your money, not just the cheapest price.

2. Escrow your insurance payments with your mortgage payments. Lenders prefer you to tack on your monthly insurance payments onto your mortgage check. This lets them know your insurance premiums are being paid, and their investment is protected.

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