6 Things to Know in Regards to the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season

In Hurricane season on July 29, 2014 at 1:32

With 2014’s hurricane season expected to be fairly quiet, forecasters still believe it is important to be educated on basic hurricane information since climate change is rapidly fluctuating. Below are six things to know during this year’s hurricane season.



Forecasters are expecting a slower-than-usual Atlantic hurricane season, with eight to 13 tropical storms and three to six hurricane. There’s no way to tell whether any of those storms will strike the United States coastline during the six-month period.

  1. EL NINO

El Nino is a weather phenomenon which warms part of the Pacific every couple of years and changes rain and temperature patterns around the nation. It is expected to suppress the number and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes this year. Cooler temperatures surfacing the Atlantic Ocean will also lower the probability of hurricane formations.


A tropical storm receives a name when wind speeds reach 39 mph. Hurricane wind speeds can reach on average 74 mph and the first name on the storm list is Arthur.

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