Innovation, Integrity, and Results

The law firm of Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. believes that strong legal advocacy, innovation in the practice of law, and integrity can achieve remarkable legal results.

We are trial lawyers first and foremost, and represent our clients with energy and commitment. Having worked with some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms, Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. seeks to perform to the highest standards of the legal profession. Contact our South Florida law firm to consult with a skilled lawyer.

Our Skills

Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. provides representation in a wide variety of legal matters, including breach of contract disputes, whistleblower actions, professional disciplinary actions, estate planning, real estate transactions, employment law matters, probate and trust litigation, real estate litigation, workers compensation defense, corporate transactions, ADA litigation, and others.

Our attorneys, case managers, and paralegals have a wide range of experience, strong credentials, and the ability to undertake complex and challenging litigation. Our team approach means that you have more than one litigation attorney working for you. This approach enables us to draw upon a range of experience and knowledge, encourages innovative thinking, and fosters the development of creative solutions.

Our Philosophy

Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. believes in using the power of the law to achieve results for our clients. We understand the nuances of the law, but realize that comprehensive legal knowledge is only the first step to achieving a positive outcome. We use our legal knowledge and skills to produce clear, compelling, and persuasive arguments on behalf of our clients – whether they are facing a disciplinary action or are in the midst of a civil or criminal appeal. Our transactional team has the experience and knowledge necessary to anticipate the unexpected and advise and protect you against a turbulent business and economic environment.

Our Commitment

Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. will keep you informed of significant developments in your case, including opportunities to cost–effectively resolve the matter before it comes to trial. Our team will meet with you and ask the important questions in order to better understand your individual needs and cater to your desired outcome. Our attorneys and staff respond promptly to client questions and concerns and we encourage an open and frank exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Throughout the entire legal process, Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A. will remain committed to achieving your litigation goals, while protecting your rights and interests.



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